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Magnetic Navigation AGV———
Sneak and List Magnetic Navigation AGV, used to carry wagon,supporting straight line running, horizontal movement and rotation
Magnetic Navigation AGV———
Plane Shifting Magnetic Navigation AGV,connecting Stereoscopic warehouse by chain machine,supporting two-way delivery
QR Code Navigation AGV———
Back pulling QR Code navigation AGV,connecting and carrying wagon by hanging mechanisms, Supporting straight line running,horizontal movement and rotation
Intelligent Dispatching System
HCQS is focusing the algorithm of AGV intelligent dispatching, solved multiple AGVs’ dispatching and motion planning and improved operation efficiency greatly
Laser Navigation Forklift———
Laser Navigation Automatic Forklift, used to carry goods in flat warehouse, supporting Straight line running and circular movement
AGV automatic handling robot
Robotic warehousing automation system for e-commerce
For intelligent factory production, logistics, warehousing AGV system platform
Automatic forklift
Warehousing and logistics robot
Indoor laser navigation scanning measurement system
Realize intelligent production management Create a new future for intelligent manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing and AGV



Industry 4.0 and China Smart Manufacturing 1
Industry 4.0 and China Smart Manufacturing 2
Automated special flow equipment market demand
Automatic navigation robot
Industry 4.0" refers to the use of the Cyber-Physical System (CPS) to digitize, intelligentize, and ultimately supply, supply, and sell information in production, and finally achieve fast, efficient, and personalized product supply. “Smart Factory” to study the realization of intelligent production systems and processes and networked distributed production facilities; "Intelligent production" mainly involves production logistics management, human-computer interaction and application of 3D technology in industrial production processes. "Intelligent Logistics" mainly integrates logistics resources through the Internet, Internet of Things, and logistics network, and gives full play to the efficiency of existing logistics resource suppliers. On the demand side, it can quickly obtain service matching and obtain logistics support.

The "Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering" in China's "Made in China 2025" clearly points out Closely focus on key aspects of key manufacturing areas, and carry out integrated innovation and engineering applications of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing equipment integration. Support the joint research of government, industry, academia and research, develop intelligent products and self-controllable smart devices and realize industrialization. Relying on superior enterprises, closely with key process intelligence, key position robot replacement, production process intelligent optimization control, supply chain optimization, construction of key areas of intelligent factories / digital workshops.

According to the forward-looking industrial research institute "2018-2023 China warehousing and logistics industry market prospects and investment strategic planning analysis report" data show: With the growth of revenue and consumption and the development of intelligent manufacturing, the scale of China's automated logistics equipment market has grown rapidly in recent years. In 2016, it reached 75.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.02%. In 2022, it is expected to exceed 262 billion yuan.

AGV is an abbreviation of (Automated Guided Vehicle), which refers to a transport vehicle equipped with an automatic guiding device such as electromagnetic or optical, capable of traveling along a prescribed guiding path, with safety protection and various transfer functions; The scope of WMR-Wheeled Mobile Robot). The AGVs are diversified in form and flexible in application. They can be embedded in “smart factories”, “smart production” and “smart logistics” systems to meet the application needs of different environments and different occasions, and provide customized customization requirements.

HuaChuangQiuShi Robotics
Beijing Hua Chuang Qiu Shi Robotics Co. Ltd (from April,2017)
Hua chuang means China innovation
Qiu Shi means Craftsman Spirit
The company is located in Zhongguancun Zhizao Street, Haidian District, Beijing
The Early Origin of Technological Accumulation comes from Institute of Robotics and Information Automation, Nankai UniversityThe purpose of close cooperation with colleges and universities is demand guidance, industry-driven research and promoting education through research
Year MES development and implementation experience (Project experience is leading the industry)
Software copyright and possession of MES patent certificate
(product independent research and development innovation)
Awarded by China Informationization Recommendation Alliance China is a number of award-winning companies
MES development and implementation team
(Internationally renowned MES solution provider)
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Double roller AGV double car running video
Dive into the index and docking with the truck
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